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Our Life's Language Lodge is excited to announce the open enrollment for our new Nakoda & Aaniiih Language Immersion Nest. 

Exciting News!!! Life’s Language Lodge is coming!!! We are targeting August 2nd for opening and serving your children. We are finalizing all of our licensing procedures with both the tribe and the state. All of the current staff have been working under an ANA grant facilitated by NAEDC. They have 18 months of training in the languages and 6 months of training in childcare. They will all be Class-7 Certified teachers by the end of the year. This means they can teach language and culture in any school district in the state of Montana. They are ready. Should you seek to entrust us with the care of your babies we should begin with the first step. Here is the application. Initially, we will be serving children 0-5 years of age. If you are interested in participating in this exciting opportunity. Fort Belknap will actually cover up to 100% for essential employees while we are still in Covid Restricted Status. This coverage by the tribe will have the income restrictions waived. This means even if you didn't qualify for help with childcare before the pandemic you will qualify now. It is a little more paperwork, but I strongly suggest you take that extra step.  Keneihei'aan Pii' initei'


Randall Werk Sr.

ED Life’s Language Lodge

406-654-4463 (cell)

406-673-3031 (office)

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